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Don’t Get Trapped In The Web Of The Status Quo

March 5, 2021

Something or someone will always try to catch you, confine you, and control you. The more you live your truth and pull away from society’s claws, the more you will be pulled, pressured, and punished to conform.

Despite your resolve to forge ahead and resist the gravitational pull of conformity, sometimes you will get stuck or trapped. Though not physically trapped, the emotional bullying, spiritual bypassing, and the mental gaslighting will create formidable barriers that are sometimes hard to overcome. And even when you try to overcome the forces that try to squash you, it’s hard to fight back.

The truth is…it takes true grit to amplify your voice, listen to your inner wisdom, walk with hope, think your own thoughts, and honor your heart. It takes incredible perseverance to forge ahead when everything around you tries to keep you sidelined, silenced, and shamed into staying in places that don’t celebrate or affirm who YOU KNOW YOU are.

But here’s the truth: Despite the opposition, you must work hard to free yourself from the status quo, and getting free won’t be easy.


There are many people invested in your subjugation, subordination, and stagnation. Remember, the status quo thrives when you are predictable, not purposeful. The status quo succeeds when you blindly comply, not boldly and bravely critique its right to exist. The status quo prevails until it’s disrupted and destroyed AND exposed and eradicated.

My friend, despite the cost, resist the status quo and get free! And know that getting free – self-liberation – will cost you something and maybe someone. Freedom isn’t and has NEVER been free; you will pay a price for freeing yourself from systems, structures, beliefs, ideologies, old wounds, and addictions.

So, how do you get free?

  • You must recognize and celebrate how amazing you are; you are human and divine.
  • You must understand, accept, and honor how incredibly talented you are; you are a one-of-kind creation with a combination of one-of-a-kind skills.
  • You must acknowledge that you have a divine calling, a sacred contract, or a spiritual assignment; you have a purpose that only you can fulfill.
  • You must believe that your birth was not happenstance; you were created to do something, be something, help something, say something, correct something, create something, untangle something, and contribute something to the world. You were born on purpose AND for a purpose; God had something special in mind when God created you.

When you can SEE yourself fully, appreciate your gifts humbly, and honor yourself deeply, you will take action that supports and aligns with your very essence. You will change, grow up, and grow into who you were created to be. Most of all, you will become invincible; nothing and no one will be able to stop you from answering your divine call.

The world needs your magic, medicine, mind, and message and you MUST do what you were created to do! You must not get trapped in the web the society wove for you.

Please hear me today: the status quo is NOT your place; it’s not worthy of you.

Leave so you can fully live!

And SOAR Higher than you have ever soared before.



*** I share more about the tyranny of the status quo in Deciding To Soar 2. You can get it here.