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The Power Of Your Journey Comes From Sharing The Truth!

January 9, 2021

Are you showing and sharing the TRUTH?

Even if your journey is hard, people who are willing to invest in themselves will join you. They will pull up their sleeves, pick up their pens, take off their pumps, remove their jackets, overcome their personal biases, and adjust their schedules to join you.

But you must show the TRUTH of your journey – the good, bad, and the ugly. If not, you will not inspire people to journey with you AND stay on the journey until completion.

If you don’t show the truth, you will unconsciously encourage them to take advantage of you, to manipulate the system, to steal from others, and to find shortcuts.

Let people see what it takes. Don’t give them a false perception of your reality. Let them see the tears, the tribulations, the triumphs, and the transitions required to pursue purpose. Let them hear your woes, see your wounds, and also experience your wins.

Let them feel the heat of your height so that they can prepare for their own elevation. If not, they will not be prepared for the struggle, sacrifice, and shuffling the journey requires.

Show it! Show enough to inspire those we are really ready for the journey. The exposure will let them see what it takes to SOAR!

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