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You Know Enough To Help

February 12, 2021

So often we downgrade our skills and we belittle our potential because we perceive others as having greater authority or seniority than we have.

Just for the record: Title and Time have nothing to do with TALENT!

Don’t minimize what you bring to the table because you are not the boss, owner, or because you are new.

Every great leader knows the value of “rookie” wisdom. Sometimes the people who have not been developed or inculcated in a system are usually the first to see pitfalls, potential, and possibilities.

Share what you know. You have a different perspective that is valuable and refreshing. You will see some advantages that others may overlook and/or minimize because you are looking through fresh eyes.

Bottom line: When it comes to success, new thoughts and ideas are always needed. Without new insight, antiquated routines will ruin you, bad habits will hurt you, and ” we have always done it this way” familiarity will prove fatal to your development and refinement.

You KNOW enough to contribute. Don’t sell yourself short!

Let’s Dare to Soar Higher!

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