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Opting Out Is Also A Courageous Option!

Sometimes, after I facilitate workshops for corporate women, my heart breaks.


Some women are really struggling in corporate environments. And honestly,  I OVERstand because it is not always easy for me, either.

But here’s the truth….. sometimes you CAN’T listen to the advice of your friends, especially if they don’t have experience in corporate settings, don’t have to deal with workplace politics, or don’t know how to extend empathy.


Some people just don’t understand that corporate trauma is real.  Trying to exist and thrive in some corporate environments is extremely debilitating, spiritually exhausting, confidence-eroding, and disease-producing!

So, here’s a reminder for some of my corporate folks, especially women of color: Opting out of any unsafe situation is courageous!

You don’t need to continue anything or align with anything that jeopardizes your emotional, spiritual, or mental health.

You don’t have to carry the torch for all women!

You don’t have to endure disrespect to prove you “can do it” because your competence is undeniable.

You don’t have to be a punching bag to hold the doors open for other women or to help women get seats at the table.

You don’t have to sabotage or undermine other historically marginalized people to gain brownie points from people who really don’t like or respect you, either.

You don’t have to do any of that!

And not doing any of that does not mean you are not committed to your success and the success of other women.

It’s also does NOT mean that you are weak, selfish, or “hurting your race.”

You can be committed to gender parity, diversity, inclusion, and equity, AND care about yourself FIRST!

Honestly, YOU MUST honor yourself first!

And while you are “getting your entire self” together, find a loving community that can hear and support you without heaping more guilt, expectations, and cultural shame on your plate.

Remember,  YOU are not responsible for correcting systems and structures strategically designed to exclude and undermine you.

Your primary goal is to stay well and whole in an extremely sick system while you help to create something healthier and better for all humans.


A Corporate Sister Who Knows & Cares

Do You Need To Sit?

As a child, when there was a storm, my elders would say, “Go sit your narrow behind down somewhere. God is speaking.”

Now, when I look at all the political and historical storms in the world, I wonder if God is demanding that we sit, not be idle, but to sit down somewhere.

Maybe God is insisting that we sit and get incredibly still so we can hear the unique voice of our Creator, which guides and governs us.

Maybe God is forcing us into contemplation so we can see the error of our collective ways and the smallness of our love.

Maybe God is summoning us to something greater, fairer, bigger, and bolder that will support the common good.

Maybe God is showing us how our desire for domination and our denial of our corrupt systems are obliterating the world.

Maybe God is calling us to examine how society is disintegrating due to injustice, intolerance, and inaction.

Maybe God is empowering us to create strategies to dismantle oppression, confront greed, challenge exploitative capitalism, and resist all vestiges of white supremacy.

Maybe God is refueling our spirits to fight for freedom, live with integrity, and heal our ancestral wounds.

Maybe God is intervening and integrating ways to reboot, rebuild, and redistribute resources so nobody goes hungry, unhoused, or unhealed.

Maybe God is reminding us of our humanity and the humanity of others so folks can stop dropping bombs and shooting bullets at defenseless people.

Maybe God is warning us to value people over profit, power, privileges, and perks so we can remember the sacredness of human life.

Maybe God is prompting us to talk to each other and to stop talking about each other so we can see that we have more in common than we think.

Maybe God is reclaiming our attention so we can focus on solutions that instill hope, promote harmony, and facilitate healing.

During storms, my elders wisely advised me to sit. And so, I am following their advice because I realize my anger and grief about what is happening in the world are starting to consume me.

Witnessing continued genocide, horrific violence, intentional starvation, political pandering, the lack of adequate healthcare, and other global atrocities requires me to gather myself so I can determine how to participate in what I pray about and hope for.

Life has taught me that sacred sitting is a meditative posture that prepares people to be visionaries, freedom fighters, game-changers, and truthtellers. It equips them to challenge the world’s ethos, create more humane paradigms, and confront the stifling status quo.

So, I find myself sitting, thinking about my next move, determined to make a difference even if I don’t know how to help in ways that would bring transformative healing, spiritual awakening, and paths for sustainable reconciliation.

I’m sitting – thinking and praying – because I know we can do better.

We are not powerless!

We are movement-makers! We are relational innovators! We are the hands and feet of a just God!

What about you?

Blessings to you!

Don’t Reject Any Part Of YOU!

I used to hide parts of me because I felt ashamed, guilty, inadequate, dirty, and awkward.

I hid my truth so much that I stopped living in integrity, alignment, and peace.

I hid my genius so much that I didn’t honor my talents, gifts, and expertise and failed to contribute fully to the world.

I hid my love so much that I failed to make myself present, accessible, and “satisfy-able” which made me feel isolated and alone.

I hid my brokenness so much that I left people confused, frustrated, and concerned about my path, needs, and values.

I hid my pain so much that I suffered in isolation and succumbed to depression and despair, never asking for help or support.

I hid so much and hid so well that I lost myself in relationships, organizations, and perspectives.


But I blossomed when I accepted those cracked, flawed, fragile, differently-shaped, multi-colored, frayed, complex, and authentic parts of me.

I grew! I evolved! I healed.

What I didn’t realize then was that all of the pieces …all of them…were valuable pieces and elements of my life journey. They were me! And rejecting those undesired pieces of me did not make them any less mine. Remember, rejection of a thing does not erase or negate a thing!

The truth is that the pieces that I rejected left me ill-equipped, unbalanced, and afraid to live fully. They made me suffer and kept me stuck in relationships and situations that further eroded my self-esteem and undermined my power. But accepting those parts gave me the confidence, knowledge, and power to assume my rightful place in the world.

Here are some questions: what piece of YOU and your history are you rejecting? How is rejecting parts of your past supporting your development and elevation in the future? What are you afraid for others to know, and why?

Whatever you are rejecting, please know that you have the power and strength to bring those pieces of you back home where they belong. And then, you can use them differently and more compassionately in the next season of your life.

Let’s Dare To Soar Higher as we welcome our pieces back home so we can use them as lessons, leverage, and laughter as we SOAR!

Reclaim Your WILL And Find Peace!

Hey there,

How are you doing?

I wanted to check in because a lot is happening around the world. And honestly, the world feels a bit heavy right now. For some, it may even feel heartbreaking and emotionally exhausting as people struggle to be heard, seen, and protected.

I know many of you may be dealing with conflicting emotions and trying to make sense of contradictory narratives we hear in the media. But as you try to make sense of it all, I want YOU to remember the incredible strength YOU have inside you – the power of your WILL.

Lately, I have been speaking a lot about our WILL because our WILL helps us feel strong and grounded during difficult times. It keeps us hoping, working, advocating, and living without giving up or giving in to vitriol, negativity, and hopelessness. Most of all, our WILL ensures that we stay purposeful and focused as we navigate an evolving and sometimes turbulent world.

As you harness the power of your WILL, here are a few thoughts to consider.


W – Wisdom. Even though a lot is happening in the world, you have wisdom within and around you to move through complexity and uncertainty. You have inherited and acquired knowledge that you gained from your ancestors, upbringing, communities, spiritual beliefs, and life experiences that provide incredible insight and direction. So, access and apply what you know to make choices that honor your deepest values, desires, and dreams. Especially during political and social unrest, trust your instincts and intuition to navigate the path ahead, trusting that the answers you seek lie within your soul.

I – Imagination. Now more than ever, you must unleash your imagination to think outside the box and dream beyond your current reality. You must look inwardly and pay attention to the messages in your dreams, bypassing evidence, predictions, and naysayers to see opportunities for yourself and others. You must quiet the outside chatter to sense your inner hope and see a future filled with peace, justice, and dignity. Your ability to imagine is directly tied to your ability to create, innovate, problem-solve, and manifest what you need and want. Remember, tomorrow’s answers may not be limited to what you know and see today.

L – Levity. Since the world feels heavy, please make time and create space for joy, passion, play, and rest. Weekly, dedicate a few hours to drawing, laughing, dancing, and singing. Commune with nature, paint a picture, get a massage, or play a sport. Do something fun and light to rejuvenate your spirit, reconnect with your body, and renew your resolve. Levity will relax your mind, which will help you access your wisdom and activate your imagination as you pursue your path.

L – Liberation. Think and choose for yourself. This sounds easy, but opening your mind to new ideas is extremely difficult. But to operate fully in your WILL depends on your ability to listen, learn, and pressure-test what you hear about other countries, communities, and cultures. Because once you free your mind from other people’s beliefs and conclusions, you will create spaciousness for personal revelations, receive divine downloads, and unlock new possibilities for yourself and others. Remember… OPENNESS creates Opportunities.

Life is complex, and there are no easy answers, especially now. However, your WILL can ground and guide you through this unpredictable, challenging time. And when surrounded by supportive friends and fortified by faith, you will make it through this difficult chapter in your life.

I shared more about the power of our WILL in our community podcast. To listen, click here. (Choose a podcast server and subscribe to be notified when I release new episodes.)

As you navigate this uncertain time, you are also invited to join me for a free gathering next week called “Unboxed and Unbothered.” In 60 minutes, we will talk about the power of being unboxed and unbothered during times of transition and growth. It’s free, so sign up now because I am keeping the gathering intimate, so people can feel safe sharing.

My friend, I genuinely believe in the power of our individual and collective WILL – wisdom, imagination, levity, and liberation. And by activating our WILL, we can co-create a safe, secure world for all of us and a unique path just for you!

If this message resonates with your soul, will you do me a favor and share it with a colleague or a loved one? I want to ensure that people know about our community so that they can have support, too.

Remember to register for Unboxed and Unbothered.

Blessings to you!


Experience More Victories

I bet we all know people who are always starting new projects. One day they are opening a store. The next day they are going back to school. The next day, they are moving to a foreign country. The next day they are making a movie. The next day they are starting an organization. Every time you see them they are always starting a new venture. And, starting is the operative word.

But here’s the problem. They NEVER follow through on any of their plans. They talk, and eventually, people stop listening to them and supporting them. Even their friends and families lose interest in their grandiose schemes.

Having multiple ideas and interests is not bad; it’s great to be creative and multifaceted. But if you lack focus, you can’t move forward, follow through, or flourish. All you can do is have a life full of half-baked ideas, half-done projects, and half-developed goals.

Take time to evaluate your life. Pick a project or a few projects and complete them—or at least delegate them to someone else who can manage them for you.

Victory requires focus, so limit your focus because success awaits. (except from Deciding to Soar 2).

If you need support with focusing on what matters most, join us for the Dare To Be Me experience. Invest in yourself. Early registration ends soon.

Click here to join the waitlist:


3 Clues You Are Elevating

Do any of these questions sound familiar to you?

How do I know when I am ready for the next level? When is it time to pivot or change my career? What unconscious beliefs are making me stay in environments that I have outgrown? How do I know it’s time to leave the marriage, the organization, or the faith tradition? When is the right time to start a business or accept a promotion?

As a coach and minister, I am frequently asked these questions when people sense or are experiencing transitions in their lives.

My response: Your life always gives you critical clues when change is coming. ALWAYS!

The clues may be subtle, but they are there. Trust me; when it’s time to go to the next level, the winds of change will gently whisper in your ear, urging you toward your next adventure.

So what are the clues? (I share more in the Dare To Soar Podcast. Click here to listen.)

In 25 years of working with leaders who inspire, change-makers who care, and folks who want to live fulfilling lives, I have identified three critical clues that indicate you are growing, changing, or elevating to new heights.

Being Sharpened: One unmistakable clue you are growing or elevating is feeling as if you are being sharpened. What does being sharpened feel like? It feels like developing a heightened proficiency in doing something, feeling something, or saying something.

Most of my clients say feeling sharpened also feels like elevated discernment that helps them create plans, predict outcomes, and detect hidden motives.

So, pay attention to your life. Notice if you have become more laser-focused, are taking more risks, or are questioning old narratives. Notice where you are spending your time and if you are hanging out in different circles.

Remember, sharpening is subtle and gradual and can be painful. And….sharpening in your personal life could prepare YOU for elevation in professional life and vice versa.

Being Strengthened: I know none of us likes to struggle, but strength comes from struggle. When we are forced to deal with rejection, overcome oppression, and endure hardships, we develop the spiritual, emotional, social, and mental muscles WE NEED to soar.

Why is developing those muscles essential? Stronger muscles help you fight bigger battles. And once you can withstand attacks and still ascend, you will become unstoppable.

So, pay attention to what’s challenging you and how you are responding to the challenge. You may just be positioning and preparing yourself for a beautiful new chapter in your life.

Being Sifted: Here is the hard part: growing and elevating requires some shedding and pruning. Why? Sifting involves sorting through and removing the old to make space for the new. So, when you find yourself being sifted— letting go or being let go— know that you are growing and elevating.

Remember, sifting is a refinement process. It’s a process of separating what is essential from what hinders progress. And even though it can be painful and lonely, being sifted is an indispensable, unavoidable step in the growth and elevation journey.

 As the late Dr. Maya Angelou wisely said, “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

Sharpened, strengthened, sifted—all powerful clues that your life is changing. So, which clue is showing up in your life that will help YOU achieve beauty and fulfillment? Please reply to this message and let me know. I would love to hear from you.

I share more about the clues in our community podcast.

It’s time for you to SOAR Higher, and I am excited to see what the future holds for you.



Gatekeepers Have Big EGOs But Little Power When You Are Rooted!

Last year, someone thought they could block my progress and prevent me from achieving one of my goals. They thought they had the power to determine my destiny. Wrong!

I know people have also tried to block your progess because we all have gatekeepers in our lives. We all have people at our jobs, communities, and families who think they can control our destiny and dictate our futures.

That’s why being grounded in who you are is essential! When you know who you are and what you need, you don’t let gatekeepers stop you from pursuing your goals. You find a way to do what you feel called to do!

So how does being grounded in who you are – BEING ROOTED TO RISE – neutralize dream-blocking gatekeepers?

There are many ways, and I have listed the top 5 ways below.

1. Authentic Self-Presentation: Being rooted to rise helps you feel comfortable in your own skin. Remember, gatekeepers thrive on inconsistency and insecurity. But when you are consistent and comfortable in your own skin, you are more creative, resilient, and courageous. You show up as your fully empowered self, anchored in your identity, confident in your talents, and grounded in your integrity.

2. Confidence in Decision-Making: Being rooted to rise gives you confidence to make choices that align with your values and vision. When gatekeepers challenge your path or try to undermine your integrity, your confidence enables you to stand firm in your convictions and be stable in your pursuit.

3. Resilience in the Face of Rejection: Being rooted to rise helps you deal with rejection. It reminds you that rejection does not determine your worth or reflect your competence.  And when you don’t view rejection as a roadblock, you appreciate that rejection is only redirection to something better and greater.

4. Clear Sense of Purpose: Being rooted to rise provides a clear sense of purpose. With a strong sense of purpose, you will have the strength, resilience, and motivation to persist despite the odds.  Remember, gatekeepers have big egos but little internal power. So, when guided by purpose, you will always have the courage and ingenuity to find new routes and create innovative options to achieve your goals.

5. Genuine Connections: Being rooted to rise helps you build genuine connections with mentors, advocates, and allies. Having confidantes and colleagues to support and sponsor you is a powerful strategy to limit the impact of gatekeepers.  Remember, genuine relationships can open doors that gatekeepers can’t close or block.

The bottom line is this: when you are armed with self-knowledge and empowered by your innate wisdom, you can create a life that aligns with your values, needs, and aspirations…..despite the gatekeepers, naysayers, or haters.

REMEMBER: Stay Rooted & Watch Yourself Rise!

Have a great week!



Rooted To Rise: A Journey Back To Yourself

Do you realize since birth, you have been gradually “un-rooted” from your true identity?

Instead of being supported into becoming your highest authentic Self, you have been shaped into what people felt you should be or could be. Little by little, you were molded to be more socially acceptable, predictable, and controllable, with little regard for how you were divinely wired to win or destined to live.

“Un-rooting” you wasn’t always malicious or intentional, but it was constant.

Education, religion, traditions, culture, gender norms, and social expectations…. all forced you into cultural boxes and disconnected you from your wisdom, gifts, and truth.

And now, even though you may be successful or accomplished, you still may not be YOU — your whole, undiluted you! You still might feel at odds with your true nature and out of alignment with your soul.

I know that being rooted and getting re-rooted can be difficult. Removing and identifying the habits, beliefs, and patterns blocking you from being “at home with yourself” is a process. But by reconnecting with your intuition, strength, and beauty and honoring your values, feelings, and dreams, you can live more honestly and freely. You can feel firmly anchored in your inner authority and truth, giving you the power to follow your conscience and your calling, not the crowd.

I realize I am NOT telling you something you don’t already know. Even when your mind doesn’t know you are out of sync, your body and soul know you are not aligned. Your inner champion knows when you need a change, a renewal, and a reclamation to root into your own innate wisdom and selfhood.

That’s why in Rooted To Rise: A Journey BackTo Yourself, we provide the safety and support you need to return home to your true Self – a self you left behind to fit into society’s boxes. We give you new tools and deeper insight on re-rooting yourself so you can return to the truth of who you are  AND make decisions that honor the real you, not the curated you.

For decades, I rejected the truth of who I knew I was. However, once I reclaimed and honored the parts of myself that society told me to throw away, I created a life of meaning, peace, and a sense of freedom.  Most importantly, my health improved, and I renewed my spiritual practices, which helped me experience inner peace.

The authentic YOU is waiting for you to RISE and SOAR in every dimension of your life. Are you ready?

We start on Feb. 24, and I hope to see you there!




What An Ex-Priest Taught Me About Being Honest & Free!

First, thank you so much for reading last week’s newsletter. I am so grateful that it resonated with so many of you. I received many comments acknowledging that what I shared spoke to your heart! I also received copies of journal entries, pictures of vision boards, and soul-enriching poems! Hearing from you made my heart sing and nourished my soul. Thank you!

Today, I want to share a story about one of my clients because he is a courageous cycle-breaker, self-advocate, and visionary like you.

I can’t share his name yet, but he’s an ex-priest. What’s interesting is that he never really wanted to be a priest. Never! As a child, he enjoyed the Catholic Church, the pageantry of rituals, and learning about God. He was also active in the community and the local diocese but never saw himself as part of the clergy.

However, since he was deeply involved in the church, his family thought he should become a priest. Even though he complied with their wishes, he instinctively knew that being a priest was the wrong career decision for him. But he didn’t know how to say no. Also, saying no was difficult because he was conflicted. On the one hand, he loved how the community affirmed and praised him for his decision. On the other hand, the validation and expectations made him feel like a prisoner trapped by the community’s needs.

So, for years, he dedicated his entire life to training for a profession he didn’t enjoy and felt ill-suited for. He went to the seminary, got mentored by older priests, and was ordained. But the closer he got to taking his final vows for the priesthood, the more dread and trapped he felt.

Eventually, his anxiety became too overwhelming, and he realized that going against his intuition was starting to negatively affect his spiritual and physical well-being. And with all the courage he could muster, he told his family he had changed his mind and was leaving the church. And boy, his family was furious about his decision. They questioned his faith, his mental soundness, and his commitment to God. My client’s family also told him that he was an embarrassment to the family and community and that leaving the priesthood was shameful.

Despite not being consistently active in the Catholic Church themselves, his family strongly criticized his decision to leave the priesthood. According to my client, how his family responded was cruel, judgmental, and hypocritical…his words, not mine.

Thankfully, my client left the priesthood and is now restructuring his life. His relationship with his family is still a bit strained, but he’s happy and relieved.  He’s dating, starting a business, and considering starting a support group for ex-clergy members.

I share this story to encourage you to look at your own life to see if you are living authentically and to ensure you are deeply rooted in your selfhood. Because when you are deeply rooted in who you are, you won’t erase parts of your identity or abandon your dreams to fit into roles that rob you of fulfillment. You won’t choose professions you are ill-equipped for, date people you are not compatible with, and allow others to dictate critical life choices. You will stay “near to yourself,” never neglecting or betraying your dreams, intuition, needs, and purpose.

Thankfully, my client was able to reclaim his life, and he continues to journey back home to himself. And if you need to return home to yourself or re-fortify yourself in your truth, please join me for Rooted To Rise: A Journey Back Home to Yourself.

Because when you are at home with your truth and when you reclaim all of who you are, you will live a happier, more honest life. You will have fewer regrets, enjoy more peace, and experience more fulfillment personally and professionally.

I share my client’s story and 4 key insights that may help you on your journey. Click here to listen to the community podcast or YouTube. After you listen, share your thoughts.

I hope to see you in Rooted To Rise: A Journey Back Home To Yourself.

But if you can’t attend, please stay close because I look forward to sharing more stories and tips to help you be who you were uniquely created to be so you can DARE TO SOAR HIGHER in every dimension of your life.

Please reply to this message and let me know your thoughts.

If you missed last week’s blog, please click here. 



You Are NOT Out Of Place, But In Position!

If you are reading this message, you are probably a cycle-breaker, leader, visionary, pioneer, or truth-teller.

You are most likely a brave person who intentionally resists the status quo, norms, and conformity.

You probably live life on your own terms, honor your boundaries, have courageous conversations, don’t invest time in shallow relationships, and believe in taking inspired action.

You are not a person who sits on the sidelines either, because you realize that feeling “safe” is something you create inside your heart; it’s an inner feeling.

Does this sound familiar?

I also know that people like you sometimes feel isolated because you don’t fit into conventional places or traditional groups. And that makes sense because you don’t automatically accept what society says or legitimizes. You realize that living an authentic, fulfilling life exists outside of what’s socially accepted and deemed appropriate.

And because you prefer purpose to popularity, people rarely appreciate you or understand how intentional you are about your life. They don’t appreciate that you are discerning, focused, and have a highly developed BS meter. In fact, you are often criticized for going against the grain and prioritizing your values, desires, and perspectives.

Because you don’t let gatekeepers, narratives, and social protocols confine you, you are admired and gossiped about at the same time. That’s right! People simultaneously like you and dislike you because you don’t follow social playbooks, adhere to cultural assumptions, or comply with outdated scripts. You refuse to succumb to delusions of domination or standards of selfhood that require you to cower and curtsy. You reject narratives that expect you to beg for scraps instead of wearing a God-given crown. You know your worth and your worthiness.

If I am describing you, email me and let me know I am speaking to you.


This year, I am committed to living MORE outside of societal and cultural boxes. And I want to provide the support, topics, and resources you need to live MORE outside of boxes, too.

I want to intentionally laser-focus on growth by helping you challenge old beliefs that keep you stuck in fear, doubt, and indecision.


Since the pandemic, people have realized that they are living unfulfilling lives, and they want to DARE TO SOAR HIGHER….they want something different, rejuvenating, and wholesome.

So many people want to experience personal and professional success in ways that heal, transform, and elevate their lives.  They don’t want to stay in relationships or organizations that drain their energy or undermine their wellness.

Most big-hearted people want to embrace abundance and expansiveness. They want to live a life of “why not” and “what if” and not “should not.” They want to use their imagination, take risks, and contribute to humanity.

I like to call this courageous mindset being “in position.”

TRUTH: Because you know who you are and what you believe, you are “in position” to create what you desire! YOU are “in position” to start a new career, build a lifestyle-friendly business, regain your health, create a non-profit, challenge injustice, protest for peace, and love again.

And the way to maximize where you are is to honor your unique path. To cherish, cultivate, and optimize what’s already inside you. To do what’s most true for you even if you are still figuring everything out.

For me, being “in position” in 2024 feels like loving myself and others differently. It means offering and lavishing myself and others with the empathy the world withholds and tries to weaponize to control and disrespect those deemed less valuable. It feels like creating safe spaces for self-discovery, connection, and transformation where people can experience miracles and acknowledge the “messy” without judgment or shame. It feels like creating a space where YOU can reclaim parts of yourself so you can see your own beauty, brilliance, and options. A place where you can celebrate your complexity, duality, and multi-dimensionality so you are never reduced to one part of your identity or history.

My definition of being “in position” feels different this year because I realize that people like you – visionaries, leaders, and truth-tellers – often feel out of place in society. But I believe we are in the RIGHT POSITION to be paradigm shifters, soul-connectors, heart-healers, dream-makers, business-builders, and freedom-fighters. We are “in position” to change the ethos of the world and the trajectory of our lives.

I am saying to you with all my heart: You are NOT out of place but IN Position!

To stay in position, here are some questions to consider:

  • What needs to be recentered or prioritized to help you stay in position for your dreams and destiny?
  • What do you hunger for that will feed your soul, so you can help feed the souls of others?
  • How can you give yourself more freedom to be many things and easily take many paths?
  • Where do you feel most at home with yourself, and how can you reside in that special place more consistently?
  • How can you celebrate being courageous without needing to judge others, delegitimize the realities of others, or denounce others?
  • What does being free feel like, and how can you experience more of it in new places?


You are in position, not out of place. And I am excited to see what the future holds for you in 2024.

I look forward to working and sharing with you in 2024.

If you are on social media, let’s connect.



P.S. Remember to download your 2023 Year-End Review Booklet. It will only be available for 2 more weeks.