Author: SharRon Jamison

Please Check On Your Black and Black Collegues

Early this morning, a few Black women from various industries prayed, shared, and cried together.

We had to because we know that tomorrow, so many Black people will be expected to go to work, participate on virtual calls, and smile WHILE their hearts are bleeding and breaking.

Some Black folks will be so anxious and distraught that they will not be able to focus or find the words to engage with colleagues. Why? The ongoing collective pain of injustice, apathy, and corporate posturing is emotionally excruciating. The pain is debilitating, and knowing that there is NO RELIEF in sight makes the pain sharper and deeper.

Unfortunately, some white colleagues will not understand, and a few won’t even care about the impact of the Buffalo murders on the hearts, minds, and souls of Black employees.

For some White people who have decided that courageous allyship is too risky for their careers or who are concerned that Black and Brown people are “getting special treatment” in corporate spaces, it will be business as usual.

As a minister who works in corporate America, I know my day will be filled with healing, consoling, and holding space for people to process individual/collective grief and rage.

So even as I am processing my own pain and crying through my own gut-wrenching tears, I will be praying, consoling, and holding space for grieving people.

People ask….why do we talk about racial incidents at work? Why should DEIJ be considered a leadership competency?

Why? Corporate cultures are reflective of our bigger culture. We all know that, so no need to write about it here.

The truth: Until the words on corporate WEBSITES become the truth and the reality of the WAYS people WORK, our corporate spaces will remain emotionally violent, physically exhausting, and spiritually depleting environments that foster mediocrity, incite fear, and protect oppressive behavior.

My heart is bleeding.

One day I hope that there will be a greater appreciation and concern for the challenges, agony, and the mental stress many Brown and Black people experience and ENDURE in corporate spaces.

But in the meantime, I will do my part to be a conduit of change because, as a minister first and a corporate leader second, I believe that Jesus is always connected to JUSTICE. I believe I MUST be the change I want to see, feel, and experience.

I am praying for the families who lost loved ones.

I am praying for justice.

I am praying for a world where we all can feel safe, seen, supported, and respected.

I am praying for you.

2 Things That Give You Inner Strength

When you are experiencing challenges in your life, you don’t need pity, you need the TRUTH.

You need the Truth about who you are and whose you are.

You need the Truth about your ability, your capacity, and your tenacity.

You need the Truth about the power of prayer, the power of possibility, and the power of peace.

You need the Truth about who God is, what God can do, and what God says.

You don’t need people to commiserate with you. You need people to celebrate the promises of God with you!!

Believe the TRUTH – as the elders used to say- put your weight on. Lean. Step. Trust. Move.

Then, you need to reflect on your own testimonies because God has already brought you out of some challenging situations. God has already blown your mind with indescribable miracles. God has already made a way out of no way.

So, reclaim your testimonies. You have your references, your own evidence, your own data, and your own experiences.

You have proof of divine providence!

You may have lost some altitude, but you will rise again if you keep moving.

Whatever you are facing is only a temporary test. It’s only a training ground to cultivate growth and resilience.

Yes, it’s tough right now, but don’t give up or give in.

My friend, reclaim the TRUTH and remember your own testimonies.

Reclaim everything that you abandoned to fit into cultures, systems, and environments that squashed your soul!

Remember how you and your ancestors survived and thrived, even in adverse situations.

Don’t forget that you are royalty and that you WILL rise!


Because the best is yet to come!

Dare To Soar Higher!



Success Is Never About Knowing More Stuff; Success Is About Knowing More of SELF

Some people spend their entire lives learning how to follow rules, how to hide their identities, and how to collude with the dominant culture to get ahead in the world.

They learn how to perform, please, and produce for others, but never learn how to pursue their own dreams.

They don’t learn what excites their souls, what ignites their hearts, or what delights their bodies.

They don’t learn how to resist peer pressure, how to reclaim their agency, or how to reposition their goals.

They never learn how to value their own history, how to respect their voice, or how to settle their spirit.

Honestly, some people never learn who they are or how to care for themselves. And so, they follow old templates, policies, and traditions that don’t align with their innate strengths, needs, or gifts.

They copy and comply with the status quo, never creating their own life or charting their own course.

They live decades, never interrogating their inherited beliefs or questioning why they feel so disconnected from themselves.

They live encumbered, weighed down by the expectations of the world, never tasting the sweetness of liberation.

The good news is, you are NOT most people.

You can choose to live differently just by asking yourself the following questions.


  • What do I know about myself – history, identities, and desires?
  • What lights me up?
  • What tickles my fancy?
  • What’s the unadulterated truth about who I am and what I want?
  • What truth do I need to admit to myself?
  • Why don’t I follow my heart or heed my own internal compass?
  • What will nourish my soul?
  • What are my talents and skills?
  • How has culture shaped my understanding of my place in the world?
  • What oppressive beliefs are undermining my ability to step into my full power?
  • How are my childhood beliefs informing my adulthood behavior?

Just a few questions can help alter the trajectory of your life.

What I know for sure is: Life gets easier when YOU accept the truth of who YOU are…the TRUTH Of SELF!

The TRUTH OF SELF is the key that unlocks all the doors of your life.

Do you know the TRUTH Of SELF?

If not, join me and other heart-centered visionaries for a six-month journey to learn more about the most important person in your life…YOU!

I Dare To BE ME is starting soon.

It’s time for you to know how valuable and talented you are so you can live your BEST LIFE!

See you soon!



What Do You Feel Called To Do?

In a world that is reeling from so much pain, grief, and suffering, staying emotionally well and feeling safe are not easy feats. It takes discipline and intention to stay whole and joyful these days.

I know I haven’t shared a newsletter in a few weeks or engaged much on social media. And you know what? I missed sharing my thoughts with you and receiving your responses.

The good news is …. I have been speaking a lot and conducting sister circles for Black History Month and Women’s Month. It’s been an exhilarating time.

Yet, as the world celebrates both months, I find myself questioning if I am doing MY work, not just good work, MY work.

Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy celebrating and honoring the contributions of Black Americans and women. The well-deserved recognition is affirming and long overdue.

But honestly, as a Black woman, both months create rumblings in my soul because celebrating brave pioneers and trailblazers makes me wonder if I am truly living my life to the fullest. It makes me wonder if I am being as courageous as I need to be to create a legacy. It makes me examine if I am fearlessly living and embodying my truth. (I don’t compare my life with others; I question if I am living out loud and in alignment with my divine call.)

What I know for sure…. I am not alone. 

Many people are also trying to recover and remember the real truth of who they are. You know….those deeply-rooted truths that our souls and hearts know, but our minds can’t seem to name, describe, and process yet.

After speaking to thousands of people, I realize many people are delving deep into their souls, trying to excavate the truth or awaken to the truths that have been buried to accommodate the masses.

Many people are shoveling through the “shoulds” trying to find meaning and bring balance to their lives.

Others are disconnecting from reality because the prospect of “truth” somehow contradicts what they need to assuage their fears, justify their behavior, or reclaim their sovereignty.

That’s why it is critical that we consistently ask ourselves… what am I called to do NOW? Now! What’s the truth for me today? What do I want to leave behind to help others on this journey called life?

Yes, you had plans and goals, but do those plans still resonate with who we are NOW and who you feel destined to become?

So, as you are reading this message….. What do you feel called to do? What will your legacy be? What will you gift to the next generation?

Whatever it is, I am sure that what you are being called to do is beyond the societal SHOULDs that are stopping you from being fully alive, spiritually awake, and authentically YOU!

The SHOULDS are probably undermining your legacy.

To me, legacy means providing generational gifts (traditions, thoughts, money, experiences, knowledge, beliefs) that prepare people for greatness. It means ensuring that our loved ones are not starting from ground zero again.

That’s what I am thinking about, and I would love for us to think about that together because collective wisdom is powerful. Joining hearts and heads with diverse people allows us to come together and to get closer to the truth of who we are. And then, we can build our individual and collective legacies to support generations to come.

If you feel called to talk about SHOULDS and how they affect your ability to build a legacy, join me on Thursday, March 24th via Zoom at 8 pm EST. It’s free.

Let’s gather together and share our thoughts. Here’s the link to register.

Hope to see you there!


Leaders Need Love, Too!

Since January, I’ve been meeting and speaking with leaders from many industries and from all walks of life, and I have heard one common theme: many leaders are trying to do life alone or they don’t have adequate support.

So many of them are bearing the weight of multiple responsibilities and roles, and shouldering so much responsibility is taking a toll on their minds and spirits, especially during COVID.

Because let’s face it; it doesn’t matter how educated or experienced you are, you still need support. Nobody is an island, and nobody has all the answers and resources they need to live in an ever-changing, complicated world.

So, as a leader, what do you need?

You need people who understand the challenges, nuances, and intricacies of your life who can offer real-world advice and soul-nourishing support. As my elders used to say, “you need people who know what you carry.”

In the coming weeks, I will offer some thoughts about choosing comrades who understand what you carry. But today, I want to offer one gem.


When you think of people embodying water-like qualities, you think of people who can nourish, protect, and replenish you by showering you with affirmation, wisdom, and laughter when you need it, so you don’t lose faith in yourself, dreams, and abilities. And you need friends who can also confront you, correct you, and critique you so you don’t get too full of yourself and stop growing.

You also need people in your life to function like water to extinguish the fires in your soul so you don’t self-destruct and compromise your career, business, and relationships. Why? Emotional fires make you extremely volatile, impulsive, and easy to seduce, which makes you a liability to yourself and others.

In my latest book, Deciding To Soar 2: Unwrapping Your Purpose, I share how I almost let a few emotional fires burn up my family, career, health, and dreams.

I hate to admit it, but I was “raging”, and the unprocessed anger created a dangerous inferno in my soul that almost burned up my life, jeopardized my livelihood, and undermined my ability to be a leader. Trust me, it wasn’t pretty, and it was extremely painful.

So, today, take an inventory. Identify who understands what you carry and embodies the qualities of water, so you have the support you need to lead in a way that honors you and respects others.

I discuss this issue in greater detail in our private community podcast. Join my mailing list for access.

But in the meantime, send me a message and let me know how you are evaluating your friends and colleagues on their “water-ability.” Click here to send me a message.

Remember, you need help and you deserve help!

Leaders need love, too, and loving yourself at the deepest level requires that you have load-sharing support and a soul-nourishing community.



Go Home And Have Peace!

As a child, my family moved around a lot. My parents were teenage parents and our lives centered around their jobs, college, and, of course, finances. I didn’t understand it then, but I now understand that my young parents were figuring life out along the way and doing the best they could to complete their education while raising a growing family. Wow…that’s a lot.


I am so proud of my parents. Despite tragedy, trouble, and trauma, my parents have been together for almost 60 years. Side by side, they raised 4 very different kids; we are as different as night and day. But through all the vicissitudes of life, they taught us one important lesson: when you are at home in your soul, you can live anywhere.


I didn’t believe it then, but life has taught me that “HOME” is truly an inside job, an inside feeling, and an inside commitment to yourself. It is an anchoring place that aligns you with your values, awakens you to your vision, and alerts you when you go astray.


“Home” is your foundation, and it stabilizes you, but it requires vigilance to live there. In a culture that constantly bombards you with gloom-and-doom messages,  perpetuates injustice,  exploits the weak, abuses the uniformed, and undermines public trust, it’s hard to create a sense of “home” if you are not intentional. Coupled with your own personal issues, competing needs, and idiosyncrasies, home can seem so far away.


But despite the challenges, it’s important to “go home.”


The shifts, chaos, and the vicissitudes of life can’t disrupt your peace if you are “at home”.


The critics, haters, and naysayers won’t derail your momentum if you are “at home.”


Popularity, profits, and perks won’t seduce you if you are “at home.”


Not being accepted, not being validated, and not being invited won’t make you question your worth if you are “at home.”


Challenging the status quo, disrupting cultural norms, and detaching from historical narratives won’t intimidate you if you are “at home.”


Exploring unknown places, entertaining original ideas, and engaging with diverse people won’t scare you if you are “at home.”


Leaving jobs you hate, detaching from traditions that don’t honor you, and freeing yourself from unhealthy relationships won’t frighten you if you are “at home.”


Speaking your mind, facing your inner demons, and processing your childhood wounds won’t terrify you if you are “at home.”


Are you “at home?”


The adage says that home is where your heart is. I believe that. But I also believe that “home” is where your healing is.


“Home” is where your hope is.


“Home” is where your help is.


“Home” is where your happiness is.


“Home” is where your harmony is.


“Home” is where your health is.


“Home” is where you are whole.


The most loving thing you can do for yourself is to Go HOME!


Going “home” may not be a straightforward journey because the path back to yourself is never linear; it’s filled with many ups and downs. It’s an ever-winding path with lots of unlearning, relearning, and learning. A lot of sharing, speaking, simplifying.  Tons of decluttering, decolonizing, disconnecting. Lots of remembering, reclaiming, and restoring.  AND loads of fulfillment, freedom, and faith. It’s a lifelong trip and you will experience many emotions, seasons, and stages along the way.


So, why not start today? Why not go home?


Go HOME and LOVE YOURSELF fiercely.


GO HOME…..the real you is waiting to meet you.





** If you ever need support on your journey home, I would love to help you.

*excerpt based on Deciding To Soar 2: Unwrapping Your Purpose.

The More We Know Community Show: Conversations Cultivating Change

Something magical happens when two Black women discuss the power of purpose.


We understand that following purpose is not easy in a culture that undervalues who we are.

In a culture that constantly bombards us with messages aimed at undermining our self-worth, self-value, and our sense of dignity, we know it takes courage and tenacity to believe in ourselves.

It takes a steadfast belief in our brilliance, sovereignty, and inner wisdom to defy that status quo and to confront the narrow, demeaning paradigms used to keep us informed, in debt, and in fear.

It takes deep self-trust, faith, optimism, and a community of other powerful women to hold space, to cheer us on, and to share their collective wisdom to break glass ceilings, challenge oppressive cultures, and disconnect from toxic religion.

Sylvia Bartley and I talk about these issues and more because we are committed to helping people, especially Black Women, fulfill their purpose, celebrate their gifts, and create legacies.

Please listen, share your thoughts, share the podcast with your friends, and write a review. We would love your support.

Thank you, Dr. Bartley, for offering such an inspirational gift to the world.

I SEE you, and I honor you.

Click here to listen.

Happy Black History Month

My parents didn’t have much. They were just teenagers when they had my sister and me.

Yet, they gave me something valuable. They taught me to love myself and reinforced my self-worth in a culture that insisted that I was nothing, dirty, and worthless.

They exposed me to the power, the brilliance, and the beauty of Black people. They made sure that I knew Black people were not just slaves. And most of all, my Dad made sure that I understood that history books strategically and willfully omitted the truth about Black contributions to perpetuate the myth of white supremacy and superiority.

I am so grateful to my parents. Because even when White teachers told me I was dumb and even when white kids bullied and degraded me, there was a sweet knowing in my soul that I was royalty.

My parents made sure that I knew I was powerful, valuable, and worthy of respect. They shared stories that challenged the many lies I learned in history books so that I would remember that I was the descendants of a royal people who were inventors, innovators, leaders, and wisdom-givers.

That sweet knowing gave me the power to endure adversity, violence, and abuse from teachers and students. From kindergarten through second grade, I was kicked in the back, spat on in the face, hit in the head with a chair by a teacher, pushed down steps, punched in the stomach, and consistently called nigger by my classmates…..all before I entered the 3rd grade.

I was humiliated daily, and at times, I found it difficult to learn. Even today, I still cry for the younger me who was forced to endure so much pain while adults – teachers, school nurses, and principals – looked the other way. To White adults, constant violence and abuse were warranted. Why? Because my parents enrolled me in “their” schools.

I was wounded, but praise God, my wounds didn’t win. Praise God that my parents gave me the ammunition to neutralize and challenge the lies that tried to confine me to a life of mediocrity, misery, and marginalization. Praise God for the Black Churches that taught scripture and Black History side by side so that Black children would know that we had a place in God’s Kindom ( not kingdom…patriarchy has no place in my life).

Happy Black History Month!

And during this precious but short month, I pray all people will take the time to learn, discover, and remember the truth about the wealth, brilliance, beauty, tenacity, diversity, and love found in the histories, experiences, and lives of Black people.


A Few HUGS Can Help You Win!

HUGS will help you win!

When you are trying something new, you need plenty of HUGS!

Even though there is great power and comfort in a warm embrace, I am talking about different types of HUGS.

What are HUGS?

HUGS are essential ingredients for your success.

H.U.G.S. stands for:

H = You must understand your history.
When pursuing a goal or dream, it’s important to review your history because your past always leaves clues about your future. For example, understanding your cultural and social histories provides valuable insight into what shaped your beliefs and behaviors. When you understand your history, you can challenge inherited assumptions, so you can choose between who society wants you to be and who you want to become.

U =  You need to be undergirded.

Undergirding is not a word you hear a lot, but it means “to bolster, brace, strengthen and sustain.” It means possessing and accessing the internal and external infrastructures YOU need to build what you desire in your life. I will share more about the importance of infrastructure on Saturday during Soar 2022. You can register here.

G =  You need to give yourself grace.

When starting something new, you must give yourself the grace to learn and experiment with new skills, abilities, and perspectives. You must allow space for learning, relearning, and unlearning without judging yourself. Remember, everything in life is a big experiment that gives you the outcomes you want OR the lesson you need. So, give yourself grace to experiment so you can gain the wisdom you need.

S = You need support.

Success is always a team sport. Sometimes you need advice, skills, and mentors to assist you. When you identify the types of support you need, you can enlist and invest in the training, people, and resources you need to SOAR.

So, as you are considering your 2022 goals, think about giving yourself lots of H.U.G.S. because hugs have a way of providing the unique leverage, energy, and perspectives you need to:

  1. Ask yourself life-enhancing questions
  2. Awaken your buried gifts
  3. Attuned to your inner knowing
  4. Accept the highs of success without arrogance and the lows of growth without shame
  5. Allow people to help you without judging yourself
  6. Accomplish goals that are meaningful to you

If you’re interested in learning more about the power of hugs, I invite you to join me this Saturday for SOAR 2022.  Click here.

In the comfort of your home, you can gather with other heart-centered, values-driven people to talk about how you can achieve meaningful goals with joy and ease.


Hurray For New Beginnings!

It’s benediction time!

When you think of the word benediction, you probably think of religious rituals.

But benedictions are not only for religion; they are also expressions of appreciation and respect delivered at significant endings to signify the beginning of another sacred journey.

Benedictions are holy and cherished because they allow us to acknowledge all the pain and trials we have endured and the triumphs and successes we have enjoyed.

And as we reflect and review all we have experienced, we celebrate and offer praise. We open our hearts and minds with great anticipation, knowing that whatever is being birthed in us and through us will catapult us into a higher dimension of destiny.

A few days ago, I offered a few benedictions in my life. I offered prayers of gratitude and said a few goodbyes over several identities that served the old me. I thanked those identities for helping me navigate some tumultuous times in my life and honored the power, perspective, and promotions that those identities helped me achieve.

I also offered benedictions over a few relationships that had run their course so I could SOAR unencumbered by the weight of performing, proving, and people-pleasing.

I said some farewells to some outdated beliefs that I needed to retire because they no longer offered guidance, truth, or illumination.

I also gave some Holy Ghost sendoffs to some old wounds that kept me triggered, hypervigilant, and constantly agitated so that I could enjoy more peace.

Offering those benedictions was a powerful “spiritual shedding” that commemorated a rebirth, called for spiritual reclamation, and served as a sacred closure.

And now I feel more empowered to dare to soar higher, fortified by a new awareness, a fresh spiritual anointing, and a bolder inner advocate to make my dreams come true.

So this weekend, look at your life and identify what needs a benediction, a sacred closing.

Determine if your career, job, relationship, identity, belief, or faith tradition no longer serves you, and say goodbye for good.

By offering words of thanksgiving and sincere gratitude for what went right, what went wrong, and what didn’t go as planned, you can release the past and walk into your future EMPTY, waiting and willing to be filled and fulfilled with goodness, greatness, and grace.

The good news is, when you offer heartfelt benedictions, they don’t need to be deep or complicated.

You can say something like….Thank you for what you taught me, brought me, and gave me. Or……May the strength of God sustain me as I go forth with the lessons I gained, the wisdom I earned, and the power I reclaimed.

Whatever you say from your heart is enough because benedictions are deeply personal.

A few days ago, after I gave my benedictions, I was inspired to create a workshop to address the power of fresh beginnings.

This workshop, Creating A Path to More Freedom, Fulfillment & Flow with Ease, is definitely for you if you know you need to say goodbye to a few things but need help discerning what needs to be released so you can soar. Click here.

During the workshop, I will share seven key questions that will help you determine what needs a benediction so you can welcome all the life-nourishing opportunities that God has in store just for you!

Click here to register.

Remember, offer a benediction so you can walk through 2022 with great expectations of peace, joy, love, ease, and abundance.