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Leaders Need Love, Too!

February 16, 2022

Since January, I’ve been meeting and speaking with leaders from many industries and from all walks of life, and I have heard one common theme: many leaders are trying to do life alone or they don’t have adequate support.

So many of them are bearing the weight of multiple responsibilities and roles, and shouldering so much responsibility is taking a toll on their minds and spirits, especially during COVID.

Because let’s face it; it doesn’t matter how educated or experienced you are, you still need support. Nobody is an island, and nobody has all the answers and resources they need to live in an ever-changing, complicated world.

So, as a leader, what do you need?

You need people who understand the challenges, nuances, and intricacies of your life who can offer real-world advice and soul-nourishing support. As my elders used to say, “you need people who know what you carry.”

In the coming weeks, I will offer some thoughts about choosing comrades who understand what you carry. But today, I want to offer one gem.


When you think of people embodying water-like qualities, you think of people who can nourish, protect, and replenish you by showering you with affirmation, wisdom, and laughter when you need it, so you don’t lose faith in yourself, dreams, and abilities. And you need friends who can also confront you, correct you, and critique you so you don’t get too full of yourself and stop growing.

You also need people in your life to function like water to extinguish the fires in your soul so you don’t self-destruct and compromise your career, business, and relationships. Why? Emotional fires make you extremely volatile, impulsive, and easy to seduce, which makes you a liability to yourself and others.

In my latest book, Deciding To Soar 2: Unwrapping Your Purpose, I share how I almost let a few emotional fires burn up my family, career, health, and dreams.

I hate to admit it, but I was “raging”, and the unprocessed anger created a dangerous inferno in my soul that almost burned up my life, jeopardized my livelihood, and undermined my ability to be a leader. Trust me, it wasn’t pretty, and it was extremely painful.

So, today, take an inventory. Identify who understands what you carry and embodies the qualities of water, so you have the support you need to lead in a way that honors you and respects others.

I discuss this issue in greater detail in our private community podcast. Join my mailing list for access.

But in the meantime, send me a message and let me know how you are evaluating your friends and colleagues on their “water-ability.” Click here to send me a message.

Remember, you need help and you deserve help!

Leaders need love, too, and loving yourself at the deepest level requires that you have load-sharing support and a soul-nourishing community.