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The Marriage Didn’t Last But I Did!

December 23, 2021

Today is an interesting day.

It is the anniversary of my first marriage.

A wedding day, which for many people are happy days, was a challenging day for me because I didn’t have support.

You see, I was marrying a man of a different faith, and because of that, my family and most of my friends didn’t attend my wedding. Since I was not marrying a Christian, my marriage was “not of God,” and, as a result, not worthy of their presence.

So, as I prepared and primped, I cried. I mean, big crocodile tears filled with fear, doubt, indignation, abandonment, and disappointment. Big tears filled with salt, mascara, and eyeliner that almost soiled my pretty white dress. Big tears filled with turmoil, chaos, and inner conflict that almost made me leave my groom at the altar.

The day was emotionally excruciating, and as I stumbled down to the front of the wedding chapel, my heart crumbled into a million pieces. My parents’ absence, especially my father’s because I was a Daddy’s girl, felt like desertion. I also felt deeply demonized by the church, and I feared that God was going to “strike me down” at the altar. Even though I tried my best to ignore the fear tactics of the “saints,” their messages of doom unnerved me.

The blessing: Even though the love didn’t last, my liberation did.

It was on that day, December 23rd, that I learned that I had the power to make choices that were mine. I had the power to choose what made me happy, even if it made everybody else sad. I had the right to choose my truth over traditions. I had the power to follow my own conscience and resist the pressure of the crowd.

And now, every time I feel scared to do something that I feel called to do, I remind myself that I have the inner fortitude to stand up for my beliefs, stand firm in the face of oppression, and to speak my truth, even when the truth is inconvenient or controversial.

What I know from working with many destiny-seeking, big-hearted clients is that we all have pivotal moments in our lives that reveal our strength, show who we are, and announce who we are destined to be.

The problem is that many people don’t take inventory of those moments, or they overlook the significance of their moments. And as a result, they don’t recognize how many times they have ALREADY been heroes and sheroes in their own lives. They fail to acknowledge and celebrate the many battles that they have already won. They undervalue their own journey, and the insight they gained from following their own unique path.

Please take inventory of your life and notice the moments, milestones, and miracles that you have already experienced. That way, you can remember who you are!

You can remember and reclaim your sovereignty.

You can resurrect your buried dreams, goals, and wisdom.

You can revive the dead places in your life.

You can restore your hope.

You can release old identities, paradigms, and perspectives so you can RISE and SOAR!

Today is my liberation day and I pray I continue to liberate my mind so I can continue to DARE TO SOAR HIGHER!

And as I SOAR HIGHER, I look forward to helping others SOAR HIGHER too.

So, if you have some tough decisions to make in 2022 and you need help challenging the status quo, I would love to help.

I would love to share insight from the lessons that I have learned on my own personal path to self-liberation and self-trust because I know what I have learned can help you too.

Words to SOAR By: Remember to look critically at your life. Reflect on your experiences and acknowledge all the evidence that confirms that you ALREADY possess the courage, tenacity, giftedness, and inner wisdom to live an authentic life. Remind yourself that you already have the power you need to do what you have been divinely called to do.

All you need is somebody who believes in you to help you remember who you are!

I Dare To Be Me is starting soon, and giving yourself the gift of liberation is the gift that will continue to give back to you for a lifetime. Click here to learn more. 


Let’s Dare To Soar Higher!